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Organization, Information,and Learning Sciences

   The mission of the Organization, Information, and Learning Science (OILS) program is to provide quality education for individuals interested in improving the learning experiences of adults in schools, businesses, government, military, healthcare, and none profit organizations through the application of instructional practices and organizational technologies that advance individual, group, and organizational learning

   The OILS Program focuses on the design, development, delivery, and evaluation of training, organization development, knowledge management, distance education, e-learning, and instructional technology systems, methods and strategies with the intent of improving human performance. The program can best be described as one that is both theory-based and practitioner oriented.

   Upon graduation from the OILS Program, depending on individualized Program of Studies, students will be able to:

p>   To ensure that these objectives are met, the content of the program's courses are grounded in theoretical and empirical research and the extant literature, and are taught by experienced faculty using new and emerging technologies to facilitate activities, discussions, lectures, exercises, reading, simulations, and collaborative projects with other institutions in the U.S. and oversears.

    Hooded by OILS Chair
    December 16, 2016