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Patriotism endures far beyond just a single day in July (here in America), or even the summer season stretching from Memorial Day to Labor Day. Without the current threat of the draft, military service is a choice these days. Some would say that the honor of being a "patriot" may have even lost some of its luster with the Gulf conflicts and other strategies of the past 25 years. Bue just because you may question our governments' actions, or even distrust some of our elected officials, does not mean you are inherently unpatriotic.

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We must remember that one of the primary things that makes this nation great -- our freedom itself -- is the ability to express discontent withourt fear of arrest. So perhaps, even if you are not feeling particularly patriotic this year, you can remember that, because of this great system put in place over 235 years ago, we can celebrate the nation's birthday in our own ways.

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